1- Field de Voölks - General Scope of the Platform

This video describes the general scope of the Field platforms, for field data collection from mobile devices. Field comprises two main modules: a Web platform to generate digital forms and an app to use these forms, offline, in data collection in the field.

2- Field de Voölks - Departments, Owners and Teams

This video synthetically explains the use of Departments, owners, teams and mobile users to exploit the tool to the maximum in the process of collecting data from mobile devices

3- Field de Voölks - General Screenshot

In this video we take a quick tour of the different screens of the Field web application, the platform for electronic forms and data collection in the field from mobile devices

4- Field de Voölks - Using the Wizard

This video shows the use of the Wizard as a quick method to register Departments, Work Teams, Owners, Supervisors and Mobile Users.

5 - Field de Voölks - All elements, Web y App

This video shows the operation of all the elements that can be used in the assembly of Digital Forms. The video shows how a Form is assembled, and how it is then viewed and used in the mobile app. Field App is available for both Android and IOS.

6- Field de Voölks - Dynamic Selection - Web and App

This video shows the operation of the Selection element for the use of dynamic fields, or that its value depends on the value of some other field.

7- Field de Voölks - Wizard, Forms and Reports

In this video, we cover the entire circuit from the generation of Departments, Teams and owners from the use of the Wizard, to the construction of forms and editing and configuration of pdf reports.

8- Field de Voölks - Tasks and Work Orders

This video shows the operation of the Tasks and Work Orders module. On the web, tasks are generated, field technicians are assigned, the client or the address where the task should be carried out is identified, and the time and form to be used is defined. Then the Work Order that is received on the tablet or cell phone is displayed for the field technician to fill out the necessary information

9- Field de Voölks - Integrations via Web Services

In this video, we show how the Field Integrations modules work. One, it is used to bring data via Web Services and complete fields in the form based on a sent value. The other, via API and / or Webhooks, to send data to an external system once the data is uploaded from the mobile app. Both show how the WS is configured as well as how they work in the mobile app.

10- Field de Voölks - Data Management

In this video we analyze the different methods that Field offers to take the data to other platforms. Also, we stop to see how filters can be applied to view data quickly, without the need to download or export them.

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