# Field Platform

Mobile application for data collection in the field

With Field, replace your Paper Forms with digital Forms

App ScreenShots

The simplicity in the design and functionalities makes it very easy to implement and use

Properties of Field

Field is a platform for generating digital forms and reports for mobile devices. With Field, you can record all kinds of information.

  • Location

    Using the device's GPS, you get the position where the data was acquired.

  • Reports

    Access the data online sent from mobile devices. Photos, records, maps, everything is available to measure that are uploaded to the server.

  • Offline registration

    Field works offline and without need for internet connection. Once you are done with the data collection and you have connectivity, upload the data to the cloud.

  • Digital signature

    Field allows incorporating the signature of whoever uploads the digital form

  • Formulas

    Field allows you to add formulas to the fields, and in this way generate conditionals to avoid loading errors

  • Integración Online

    Through the use of Web Services, Field allows you to take data from your systems and incorporate them into Forms, even as Lists of Values

  • Data collection schedule

    Field automatically records the time of data collection, being able to even register the start and end of activities.

  • Photography

    With Field you can take photos to incorporate into reports, or upload photos from the device gallery

  • Exportable Data

    Through the use of our API or Webhooks, you can take the data automatically as it is uploaded from the mobile application

  • Event duration calculation

    Through the Field platform you can know the duration of each registered event

  • Conditional fields

    Field allows you to condition the loading of a field to the data loaded in another field to avoid errors in loading information

  • Bar code and QR

    Use Field to read Bar and QR codes, and incorporate this data into the Forms

One App for Multiple Processes

The "Field" application allows taking any field data through configurable forms, each process has its form and everything is managed from the same application

How does it work?

Field allows you to implement the solution without the need for programming or external consultants. Create Departments, register users, create work teams and create your own forms.

Choose a paper form

Select a form to transform your process from paper to digital

Create the digital form

From the Field platform create the digital form by dragging the fields on the canvas

Start registering

Start recording field information from the Field application on the mobile

Access the reports

Access the reports in pdf format or receive the records via mail


The "Field" platform has API and Webhook connections that allow synchronization with any management system. Some of the management systems that our clients synchronize with Field are:

Benefits that you will get

When you start using the application in your processes you will get the following benefits


Transform field data collection from paper to digital

Costs reduction

Achieves greater efficiency of field staff, reducing costs for the transcription of forms on paper to the company's systems.


Standardize responses with lists of possible values

Staff training

Accelerate staff immersion times by standardizing responses on Forms

Certification Times

Shorten the times of certification of works and services

Without errors

Reduce errors in data collection with smart forms

Use cases

We tell you the applications most used by our clients

With Field's mobile forms, you can audit any field process, recording photos, geolocation, and task completion.

With Field, you can certify works in the field, even assign quantitative compliance values and obtain a final certification grade.

Be it inspections in plants, warehouses or outdoors, Field allows you to collect any type of data and quickly send it to the cloud to be analyzed in the central office

Field allows you to easily collect information at the Points of Sale, helping you to know how your products move and how well they are presented.

Give a fast and versatile tool to your sellers and distributors so that Purchase Orders arrive quickly and without errors to your commercial system

Field allows you to digitize the information of your physical assets, even determining the geographic location, barcode and photos of it.

Leave aside the papers and paper forms where you keep information on supplies, uses, and yields.

Usa Field para identificar y documentar fehacientemente las necesidades de servicios de todo tipo, cerrando el circuito de la generación de un servicio o necesidad y su resolución satisfactoria

Manage your corrective and preventive maintenance Diaries with Field, and easily integrate it with your Industrial Maintenance system

Give your operators and crews an easy-to-use tool to log everything you do using cars, vans and trucks into one system. Field allows you to concentrate all the information on the state in which the vehicles are taken as well as the state in which they are delivered.

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