How to shorten the time of certification of services?

Demonstrating that the contracted services were provided can often become a difficult task, and this ends up affecting billing due to long certification cycles.
With the Field application our clients managed to solve this problem.

How did our clients solve the problem?

  • Time and date

  • Photo capture

  • Geolocation

  • Digital signature

  • QR Code

The Field application allows the operator to record when a customer did not allow him to enter to perform work, and the reason.


  • No mistakes

  • Thrift

  • Remove paper

Our clients

What happened before Field to our clients?

  • They had no way to protect the employee from problems of entry to perform work with clients.

  • They took photos of work done but then did not remember which one it corresponded to.

  • If the data recorded on paper had an error, they had no way to validate the data.

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